James' Homepage

Coded in HTML, CSS and JS by James Young, with help from Codecademy, and (#)MadeOn Repl.It

Hello! I am James. I am a coder who likes Python and HTML a lot, so I make web apps with Flask! I like Linux, Cats, Memes, Languages, Minecraft, and Cycling. Yes, I am aware it is inconsistent on some of the pages on this website and that it goes onto www.chaosgb.co.uk/james and chaos.gnomedev.repl.co on some others, but that was a result of me making this website before I knew how to sync things like that. This was made on a chromebook and hosted on repl.it, more on that in an article coming soon, oh and check out my presentations if you like presentations made for homework. I try to update this website, but it is so big, due to me trying to make a factfile of every single indo-european language, that I cannot get more than up to Slavomolisano without getting bored. I will fix this in the future.

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